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Catja : Digital Illustrations

Digital Illustrations by CatjaCatja is a self-taught Web and graphics designer and artist. Professionally, for the past ten years, she has been a financial processor in the field of mortgage banking. When she completes her training, she intends to leave mortgage banking and become a professional Web specialist. Like many artists, Catja uses several mediums for her art. In addition to digital art and Web graphics, she paints with acrylics, creates pastel abstracts, and sculpts with both air-drying and polymer clays. A fondness for the abstract led her to experimenting with fractal generating programs to create fractal art. Much of her digital art is created using Metacreation Bryce 4 program.

"I have only had the program for about ten months, and I still have much to learn."  Says Catja, "Many of my works come about from just playing with the program."  Ten of Catja's Bryce pieces are featured here with her comments.

For more information, visit Catja's website at www.catja.com.

Ten Digital Illustrations by Catja

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