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Robert Prenovault : Sculptures

Sculptures by Robert PrenovaultRobert Prenovault is a sculptor and installation artist currently living in Montreal, Canada. Raised in the city and having lived for many years in the bush, his work raises questions about the supposed distinction between nature and the built environment. One of the strategies adopted in this endeavor consists in isolating elements taken from each, of juxtaposing and re-siting them in built and natural environments, as well as in formal exhibition spaces. His goal, to replace a binary model of nature and culture with one that highlights the continuity and their points of contact. Recently, this has led him to investigate the social and symbolic meanings of landscape. Defining landscape as a liminal space that exists at the conjuncture of human endeavor and the physical environment, this work addresses the physical and intellectual shaping of the everyday environment.

Robert Prenovault was born in Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, Canada, in 1946.  Last year he earned the Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University, but his studies of sculpture and other art began much earlier.  He has studied sculpture under Mac Drope and ceramics under Muriel Guest, both of Winnipeg.  His work has appeared in many solo shows, including 1998´s L'horizon et quelques autres lignes, Galerie Horace, Sherbrooke, Quebec;  1996´s Térritoires contigus, Bourget Gallery, Montreal;  1994´s There are many ways of being Alone, Main Access Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba;  and Outside-In and Inside-Out, studies on superimposed territories, two sight-specific installations at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta in 1993.  His work has also appeared in many group shows, including 1999´s Managing to get by - Ordering nature, 5th Parallel Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan;  and 1988´s Prime-Time Panic, Boston College, Boston, Massachusetts.  In 1998 and 1995 Mr. Prenovault won arts grants from The Canada Council.  His books include L'horizon et quelques autres lignes, 1998, and There are many ways of being Alone - Quelques Solitudes, 1994.

Three Sculptures by Robert Prenovault

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