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David Perry is an inspirational photographer, a willing teacher, and a captivating storyteller who brings the unique insights and skills garnered in his 30 years of worldwide, on-location photo assignments for major corporations, ad agencies, magazines, and book publishers to each new project he encounters.

The inquisitive son of a zoologist, David grew up in the field with his dad, trapping and preserving specimens for museums, exploring caves, and studying the complex interplay between life forms and their ecologies from the southern reaches of Mexico to northern Canada. He began documenting his impressions of the living world around him with cameras at a very early age.

His popular A Photographer’s Garden Blog, which he started publishing in January 2007, brings thousands of readers together each week through garden tours, thoughtful essays, seasonal imagery, and playful photographic assignments and contests that readers actively participate in.

David PerryOnstage he is a spirited, dynamic, and slightly irreverent speaker who makes his presentation topics memorable and relevant to audiences through the ample use of clever graphics, breathtaking imagery, playful humor, and by never, ever talking down to them. Here's a comment after his presentation, “Garden Photo Magic: Mastering your Point-and-Shoot Camera,” at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show: "I just had the fortune to be front row, center, for your inspiring, irreverent, and way too short presentation at the NW F & G Show. Checked out your blog last week when deciding which seminars to attend. Going to read every word of it when I get back home . . . Thanks for an amazing talk!" Barbara, North Pole, AK.

In addition to his ongoing assignment work for a variety of agricultural and corporate clients, David is currently shooting on a book project, A Fresh Bouquet, chronicling the world of seasonal, sustainable, and organic cut flowers with award-winning author Debra Prinzing.

For more information about David Perry, visit www.DavidPerryPhoto.com.


Entropy ~ Photographs by David Perry
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