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Paul Hoffman : Illustrations

Illustrations by Paul HoffmanPaul Hoffman is an illustrator who lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts. His work appears regularly on the cover of each issue of Planning Commissioners Journal, as well as in The New York Times and others.

The central, visual ideas for these illustrations are developed through a collaborative process between Mr. Hoffman and Wayne M. Senville, editor of Planning Commisioners Journal. Each is created specifically for PCJ in a back-and-forth, editor-artist process.

Terrain.org is pleased to display six pieces, all illustrations, related to patterns of mobility. The drawings do not have titles, and generally no descriptions are provided by the artist because he wants the pieces to exlpain themselves without the almost arbitrary words of titles. Where applicable, however, the pieces have a direct link to the title of the issue in Planning Commissioners Journal in which they appeared, or a link to a description provided by Mr. Hoffman in conversation with Terrain.org.

Paul Hoffman can be reached through Wayne M. Senville, editor of the print journal Planning Commissioners Journal, and its online counterpart, PlannersWeb.

Six Illustrations by Paul Hoffman

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