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Susan Meyer : Ten Watercolor Paintings

Water color paintings by Susan Meyer. Enter the ARTerrain gallery.Desert radiance, Southwestern splendor, cowboys and folklorico are the images that illuminate the paper of watercolorist Susan Meyer.

Inspired as a child growing up in Texas, such art has been a pivotal part of enlivening a world that can often be overlooked. Susan Meyer's intricate craft is a labor of love that reveals her thoughts and emotions of the moment, often happiness and warmth.

Self-portrait, by Susan Meyer.
Self-portrait by watercolor artist
Susan Meyer.

She studied art at New Mexico State University, the University of Texas at El Paso, and Midland College, where she received her associate's degree with honors.

Susan's work has been showcased around the country, collecting several distinguished awards. Among those are awards at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum's Ironwood Gallery, the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild's Shows in Tucson and Lubbock, Texas, and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. Susan is a signature member of both the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.

Her work has found a comfortable place amid the Sonoran desert lifestyle of her home in Tucson, Arizona. Her paintings have graced the Tucson Museum of Art, DeGrazia's Little Gallery and St. Phillips in the Hills' Murphey Gallery, among others.

For more information, visit Susan Meyer's website at www.SusanMeyer.net.



Ten watercolor paintings by Susan Meyer

Enter the ARTerrain Gallery

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