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Stephen Holt : Photographs

Photographs by Steven HoltClimbing a giant redwood, getting licked by a Brazilian tapir, and slogging through waist-deep mud are just part of the job for Steven Holt. He received his degree in wildlife management from the University of Maryland, and his focus remains on wildlife, threats to the natural environment, and constructive solutions to environmental problems. His photographs have been used by TV networks, newspapers, and magazines, including ABC, Audubon, BBC, BBC Wildlife, Birder's World, Defenders, Discover, E, Earthwatch, Environment, Harrowsmith, International Wildlife, Ranger RIck,Scientific American, Science, Sierra, Sunset and The Washington Post. Book publishers include Addison Wesley Longman, Beacham, Child's World, National Geographic, Prentice Hall and Saunders. His photographs have also been exhibited at numerous museums, including the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Field Museum and the Smithsonian Institution.

Holt's photographs are available through Aigrette Stockpix at Stockpix.com, which specializes in wildlife, nature, and environmental issues stock photography.

For more information, visit Steven Holt's StockPix website at www.stockpix.com.


Nine photographs by Steven Holt

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