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Terrain.org Named AWP Small Press Publisher Award Finalist
January 11, 2018
Terrain.org selected alongside Creative Nonfiction, The Normal School, and Fence.

Terrain.org Review: New Pages
December 18, 2017
Terrain.org exists at the meeting place of natural and manmade, an online magazine on human nature and our place within the natural the world. Work is added to the website on a rolling basis, so there is always a chance for readers to encounter something new upon each visit. . . . The quiet, unassuming poem ends in an explosion. I read the piece over and over, enjoying the build-up each time. . . . Straddle the line between the natural and the manmade with Terrain.org.

Terrain.org Editor-in-Chief Simmons Buntin on “Poetry, Ecology, and Place in a Technological World”
October 18, 2016
Southern Utah University Inaugural Poetry, Ecology, and Place in a Technological World Conference

Terrain.org Poems Selected for Sundress Press’s Best of the Net
Best of the Net 2015
Todd Boss’s “When We Say Knuckle Down” and Sandra Meeks’s Welwitschia mirabilis, Namib Desert”

Moveable Type: A Conversation with Simmons Buntin, Terrain.org Editor-in-Chief
Association of Writers and Writing Programs : November 19, 2015
Terrain.org is about beauty in an age of radical environmental change. Despite our subtitle of the built and natural environments, I think of Terrain.org as place-based more than environmental. Our agenda is literary and artistic versus political, if indeed you could separate the two.

Interview with Terrain.org Editor-in-Chief Simmons Buntin
Taylor Brorby interviews Simmons Buntin for Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies : August 2015
I think Terrain.org offers something you don’t find anywhere else, though I have seen some excellent new place-based journals online, particularly those focusing on the more technical aspects of creating community, designing place. So we’ve transitioned just a bit in response to that, landing a bit more on the literary and artistic side.

Terrain.org Poem Featured in Best American Poetry
Best American Poetry 2013
Emma Trelles’s poem “Florida Poem” published in Best American Poetry 2013 anthology.

LitBridge Interview with Terrain.org Editor-in-Chief Simmons Buntin
April 5, 2013
History and context: Terrain.org was the first online environmental magazine, making our debut in 1997. And because we’ve expanded our offerings, I think we’re still the most comprehensive journal that brings together literary and technical work online around the built and natural environments.

Terrain.org Review: New Pages
February 24, 2013
Themed “ruin + renewal,” the issue is filled with stories of survival and growth amongst the destroyed, the decayed, and the dirty. . . . All of these stories and poems speak loudly and allow the reader to be fully immersed and transported into the worlds the authors create.

Terrain.org Essay Named Notable Essay
Best American Essays 2011
Series editor Robert Atwan selected Susan Carol Hauser’s “Measures of Loss”, which appears in Issue 27, Spring/Summer 2011, as a Notable Essay of 2011 in the Best American Essays anthology.

Writers on Environment: Review of Terrain.org Fall 2012 Issue
The Review Review : January 27, 2013
To end on a corny metaphor: If Terrain.org was filling out college applications it would have the hard sciences, the arts, and the extra-curriculars any school worth its salt would be looking for.  This is a journal that has something for everyone interested in the ideas of environment, place, and culture—readers and writers alike.

Screen Reading: Review of Terrain.org Issue 31
New Pages : February 11, 2013
Terrain.org is full of fascinating, well written, thought provoking articles, poetry, stories and other pieces of writing, often with photos too. There’s a huge amount to explore on the website and this review can only begin to scratch the surface.

Review: Terrain.org
Portal del Sol : February 1, 2011
We will let Terrain explain themselves: “It is not definitely about urban form, nor solely about natural landscapes. It is not precisely about human culture, nor necessarily about ecology. It is, rather, a celebration of the symbiosis between the built and natural environments where it exists, and an examination and discourse where it does not.” Now, drop what you are doing and go there. We’re not kidding. Talk about class, soul, art, and variety! It’s a product of genius, truly.

Review: Terrain.org – Fall/Winter 2010
Sabotage : December 23, 2010
Terrain.org is full of fascinating, well written, thought provoking articles, poetry, stories and other pieces of writing, often with photos too. There’s a huge amount to explore on the website and this review can only begin to scratch the surface.

Interview with Terrain.org Editor-in-Chief
Iowa State University Creative Writing and Environment MFA Program : November 19, 2010
Indeed, opportunities would appear to be the optimal word — for technology, for collaborative efforts, for making a space to talk about environmental issues. And opportunities for considering the context of the built and natural environments in literary and technical mediums are what I hope we present in a lovely and important online format.

Editor Interview: Terrain.org
Duotrope : June 8, 2010
What sets Terrain.org apart is the compelling mixture of literary and technical work in theme-based issues presented in the most attractive and dynamic online format possible. There really isn’t anything else like Terrain.org, online or off. Each issue includes editorials, poetry, essays, fiction, articles, reviews, an interview, the ARTerrain gallery, and the UnSprawl case study. All issues are archived indefinitely, so it continues to serve as a resource and virtual oasis of sorts.

Dzanc Books Best of the Web 2010
“A Short History of Falling” by Pamela Uschuk
Poetry appearing in Issue No. 24.

Web del Sol Top 50 Literary Magazines and Metazines : March 2009
The criteria for judging are Non-Corporate, Brilliant + Dynamic Content, Long-Lasting, Cosmetically Efficient.

Dzanc Books Best of the Web 2009
“Catching Hell: The Joe Holt Integration Story” by Heather Killelea McEntarfer
Essay appearing in Issue No. 22.

Dzanc Books Best of the Web 2008
“The Split” by Kim Whitehead
Fiction appearing in Issue No. 20.

Top 100 Architecture Blog
for Terrain.org’s Blog
International Listings : October 2007

PLANetizen Top 50 Website 2003
“News/Publications” Category
PLANetizen – The Planning and Development Network : August 2003

PLANetizen Top 50 Website 2002
“Outside the Box” Category
PLANetizen – The Planning and Development Network : August 2002

Utne Reader Best of the Alternative Web
Utne Reader : January 2002

1999 Media Award for Sustainable Development
Wirth Chair in Environmental and Community Development Policy, University of Colorado at Denver
February 2000

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