Two Poems by Dennis Held

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Planting Tulips in November

This foolish ritual of fall, looking
to spring: the trip to the feed store
the bulbs half price.      

But J., glorious J., who fell in love
with gardening and me, even after
the diagnosis: it’s a meme
or stereotype, hands deep in the loam

and eyes to the horizon where the future
is hiding or at least concealed by the sky
and not a metaphor in sight, just J.’s smile
and real bees and rills and hoes and an apple

tree shuffling off the wizened fruit that will
likely outlive me: that will never hear the word



Mining Up: Drought

Once they decided to turn
their drills around mining
the sky got a whole
lot easier: they had
to lower their sights as far
as what they could call
a harvest but once
they culled the clouds
one meaningless droplet
at a time such considerations
vanished, until not even
a wisp of a memory
remained. The rest
was easy, was history—
was all we could do
to recall the air.




Dennis HeldDennis Held won a Pushcart Prize in 2022 for his essay “What I’ll Miss,” first published in He lives in Spokane, Washington, in the Vinegar Flats neighborhood along Hangman Creek.

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Header photo by Peggychoucair, courtesy Pixabay.

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