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Staying Power

Soundscapes Episode 8
Curated by Miranda Perrone

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The Terrain.org Podcast

In our eighth episode of Soundscapes, we present Staying Power:


What is staying power, and how can we cultivate it? This episode Terrain.org-published poetry as well as a short story set to music that explore the staying power of words and experiences. In conversation with Alan Sincic, we learn about the relationship of silence to word music and how subverting expectations can be a source of wonder that lasts for decades.

Poetry and fiction included in this episode are:

Soundscapes is a Terrain.org podcast curated by Miranda Perrone. In keeping with our mission, Soundscapes takes an aural approach to the search for the interface—the integration—among the built and natural environments. Thinking of this liminal zone as the soul of place, Soundscapes seeks to bring you deeper into the souls of our contributors and others passionate about place with the hope of strengthening our communities in all their multifaceted forms.


Miranda PerroneMiranda Perrone is a writer, philosopher, map-maker, and outdoor educator with an MS in Environmental Science and Policy and a BA in Philosophy. Issues related to climate change, animal rights, and the preservation of wild places are of particular interest to Miranda, whose varied work seeks to connect and inspire in service of socioecological change.

Header photo by ver0nicka, courtesy Shutterstock.

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