The Baker’s Story

By Rob Carney

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Old Roads, New Stories: A Literary Series

I’ve stood in the ice caves on Mount Rainier, but I’ve spent more time in bakeries. Bakeries are environments too, and next month—I’m not making this up—is National Hot Breakfast Month. So to get us all good and ready for that, here’s a poem:

The Baker’s Story

She thought it might be funny,
and a little bit romantic:

leaving him a trail of muffin tops
to their room.      

Her husband was always on the late shift,
and she was always gone before dawn—

warm bread, hot coffee,
butterhorns like sundials…

the life of a baker,
and a good one; no regrets.

But, of course, the dog—
she shouldve thought of this

wolfed everything
and threw up. 

And if your husband comes home,
and you’re down on the floor ass-naked

mopping up vomit with a beach towel,
then isn’t this also funny, and a lot like love?



Rob CarneyRob Carney’s first collection of creative nonfiction, Accidental Gardens, is out now from Stormbird Press, and his new book of poems, Call and Response, is available from Black Lawrence Press. Previous books include Facts and Figures, The Last Tiger is Somewhere, The Book of Sharksand 88 Maps.

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