Letter to America by Steve Kronen

One Poem

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Sonnet: On Having to Keep Quiet

[T]hey live in the shadows, fearful of deportation back to the threats of their home countries.
  – U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants 

Each moment’s missile,
its summit
of air,
can plummet,
and whistle
to where,

its apogee—
each refugee
(holding map,
and breath)
is stateless.




Steve KronenSteve Kronen’s most recent and forthcoming work is in Agni, Image, Plume, On the Seawall, upstreet, American Journal of Poetry, and Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. His collections are Homage to Mistress Oppenheimer (Eyewear Publishing), Splendor (BOA Editions), and Empirical Evidence (University of Georgia Press). His website is www.stevekronen.com.

Header photo by Hamara, courtesy Shutterstock.

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