Brooklyn street at night

One Poem by Gregory Wolff

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The Brooklyn Wild

a snowy owl in a Target parking lot

a coyote trotting
over tarpaper
on an empty rooftop

a gingko leaf
spinning in a dark pool
of placid wastewater

a mumbling psychic
throwing scraps of rye
to the pigeon hoard

the eye of Venus
piercing the dank smog
of the Brooklyn night

a ragged boy
gliding down fourth avenue
on a snow white mare

pale green parrots
perched atop the gothic turret
of a sprawling graveyard

you, in your dusty window
dancing blithely

as the street rats sing

the wilderness alive




Gregory WolffGregory Wolff is an almost-PhD in philosophy turned organic farmer, writer of fiction, poetry, essays, and children’s literature, and very proud father of two enchanted and half-wild children. His writing appears or is forthcoming in Chicago Quarterly Review, EVENT, Prairie Fire, The Moth, J Journal, Zone 3, Vassar Review, Writers Resist, and elsewhere. You can find out more about Gregory at

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