Announcing’s 2021 John Burroughs Nature Essay Award Nominees

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The editors of are pleased to announce our nominations for the 2021 John Burroughs Nature Essay Award:

“Slashed” by Andrew Furman
A natural, cultural, and personal history of the slash pine in South Florida.

“Corpse Flower” by Aimee Nezhukumatathil
When I was single, the corpse flower was a way to help clear out the sleaze, the unsavory, the unpleasant—the weeds—of the dating world.

“Glacier Blues” by Tyra A. Olstad
The weather certainly is beautiful, but it’s ruining the very thing you’ve come to see.

“I Have Seen the Warrior: Crossing the Okefenokee” by Janisse Ray
What I became that long, long night I paddled alone through darkness in the desolate wilderness.

“Hysteresis” by Cara Stoddard
It was ice that brought me to this place, although I came by plane, and then skiff, and then kayak. I came to see ice.

“The Weight of the World” by Amy Yee
2021 kicks off the United Nations Decade on Ocean Science. Meanwhile, a local conservation group in Watamu, Kenya races to save endangered sea turtles—by enlisting human allies.

The award is given annually for a published nature essay that presents vivid, first-hand, scientifically accurate accounts of aspects of nature and honors the writing form and approach of naturalist John Burroughs.
The John Burroughs Association notes that the winning essay will be announced in early 2021. The award celebration and luncheon is the first Monday in April.
Good luck to our nominees!

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