A Literary Series

Why We Have Chickens

Not because they’re sexy.
But they sure do a good job

of luring the foxes: nose-first
and slender

with a streak of orange attitude, a spark;
they show us how to come out of hiding.

What are those teeth for? Biting.
And that tail? To say yesterday

is coming up behind you;
it’ll steal away now

if you don’t act quick,
so be quick.

the air is waiting,

and the night
can hear its own heartbeat.

Time now to bring things together, feathers
flying… new snow on the ground.




Rob CarneyRob Carney’s new book The Book of Sharks is available now from Black Lawrence Press. Previous books include 88 Maps, Story Problems, and Weather Report.
Read poetry by Rob Carney appearing in Terrain.org: 6th Annual Contest Finalist, 4th Annual Contest Winner, and Issue 30. And listen to a new radio interview with Rob Carney, and here’s an older radio interview.

Header photo by Marcin Perkowski, courtesy Shutterstock.

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