One Poem by Susan J. Erickson

One Poem by Susan J. Erickson

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Ghazal on a Lyric by Paul Simon

Faith is an island in the setting sun;
trust is an isthmus from the sinking sun.

Misplaced the map to metaphors? Start anew.
Follow the arc of the daydreaming sun.

Let’s handfeed the night in delicate bites
to the ravenous morning sun.

Across Haro Strait a luminous path,
the rippled spine of the evening sun.

The gossiping brain mutes the body’s plea:
receive the sacrament of a spring sun.

Resigned to winter’s gray and silver days,
I become a recluse like the skulking sun.

The Bushmen, it is said, hear the stars chant.
Try, Susan. Hum. Hum with the singing sun.

Italicized line is from Paul Simon’s song “Proof”.




Susan J. EricksonSusan J. Erickson’s first full-length collection of poems, Lauren Bacall Shares a Limousine, recently won the Brick Road Poetry Prize. She lives in Bellingham, Washington where the sun can be an “iffy” show during many months as documented in her ghazal. She helped establish the Sue C. Boynton Poetry Walk and Contest. Her poems appear in Crab Creek Review, The James Franco Review, The Fourth River, and The Tishman Review.

Photo of island sunset by luisdetega, courtesy Pixabay. Photo of Susan J. Erickson by Diane Padys. is the first online literary journal of place, publishing award-winning literature, art, editorials, and community case studies since 1998.