One Poem by Jack B. Bedell

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The Gacy Murder House

Antieau Gallery, Royal St., New Orleans

Why is it so easy to admire this dollhouse
hidden in the corner of the gallery,
its rooms so tidy, well-lit, pinked

with flowers, ginghamed in patterns,
molding and frames as white
as white allows? Is it the respect

its artist had for the spaces
that make such places homey?
Its tasteful furnishings? The neatness

of design allowing us to overlook
skeletons lining the crawlspace
beneath its floorboards? Portraits

of killers, clown masks, saws, drills,
duct tape, bottles of rubbing alcohol
so conveniently idle with purpose.




Jack B. BedellJack B. Bedell is currently a Professor of English at Southeastern Louisiana University, where he also serves as editor of Louisiana Literature and director of Louisiana Literature Press. His recent books are Elliptic (Yellow Flag Press), Revenant (Blue Horse Press), and Bone-Hollow, True: New and Selected Poems (Texas Review Press).
View Chris Roberts-Antieau’s “John Wayne Gacy Murder House” dollhouse.

Header photo of retro dollhouse (not the Gacy Murder House) by Tomasz_Mikolajczyk, courtesy Pixabay. is the world’s first online journal of place, publishing a rich mix of literature, art, commentary, and design since 1998.