Three Video Poems by Abeer Hoque, Josh Steinbauer, and Tom Asselin

Three Short Film Poems

Poetry by Abeer Hoque, Video by Josh Steinbauer + Music by Tom Asselin

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Abeer Hoque and Josh Steinbauer previously collaborated on three short poetry films for Hoque’s first book, a collection of linked short stories, poems, and photographs called The Lovers and the Leavers (2015). Hoque’s new book, Olive Witch, was published this year, a memoir about growing up across cultures in Nigeria, the States, and Bangladesh. Three new films accompany its release, with poems from the memoir, music by Tom Asselin, and video and editing by Steinbauer.


Yellow Door



Dhaka at Dusk



Taking All Kinds



Abeer Hoque is a Nigerian-born Bangladeshi American writer and photographer. She likes weeping willows, inky pens, and turbulence. The poems from “Yellow Door,” “Dhaka at Dusk,” and “Taking All Kinds” are from her memoir, Olive Witch. See more at
Josh Steinbauer is a filmmaker and musician in New York City. His recent work includes the award-winning films Cap’n Flapjack and Paper Stars. His Americana ensemble Woodpecker! will release a new album this fall. Some of his short films can be seen at
Tom Asselin makes sounds in the bands Dragon Turtle and Canadensis. He can be found lurking in the forests that surround Eugene, Oregon. Listen to the latest Canadensis album at
Olive Witch is available on Indiebound and in audiobook form (read by Hoque), e-book, and print editions.

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