Letter to America

Photographs by Sarah Skeen

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Photos from the Granada War Relocation Center, also known as Amache, near Granada, Colorado, March 2016.

“The camp was one of ten in the nation created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration under the authority of Executive Order 9066, which followed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. The Executive Order incarcerated Japanese-Americans during World War II following their forced removal by military authorities from the West Coast. This action was justified as “military necessity” and greatly influenced by racist sentiment and wartime hysteria, compounded by intense fear of Japanese terrorist attacks or espionage against the United States.”

   — www.amache.org


         … tell me how

to turn my head to listen,

                       and how, at last,

to tell the past from the future
             if they both arrive.

— from “Postscript (Already Breaking in Distant Echoes)” by Jake Adam York


Amache carvings. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


Camp Amache sign. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


War World II posters. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


Amache historic marker. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


Amache photograph of Japanese children and Santa. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


Amache dirt lane. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


Amache horizon. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


Amache ruins. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


Amache interpretive sign. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


Amache guard post. Photo by Sarah Skeen.


Amache tower and foundation. Photo by Sarah Skeen.



Sarah SkeenSarah Skeen currently manages Hunger Through My Lens, a Colorado-based photovoice project. Previously, she put her journalism degree from CU Boulder to good use in both arts and education nonprofits in metro Denver. Her great love is photography. She takes pictures every day to keep visually fit and to share what she finds interesting about the world.
These photos are copyright 2016 by Sarah Skeen and may not be copied or used without express written consent of the artist.

Header photo and photo of Sarah Skeen by Sarah Skeen.

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