Two Poems by Nancy Takacs

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The Worrier
                   red-winged blackbirds

What do they bring?

The sound of water under their tongues.

Where did you first see them?

The flesh-colored blossoms.

What do they sound like?

The click of pennycress,
red-stem filaree,
silky crazy-weed.

What about their wings?

They’re scented with cottonwood.

Why are their wings so black?

Coal dust,
an alcove in a deep canyon,
jewels of an eclipse.

Why are their shoulders so red?

They always hold the last light.



The Worrier

What is the toad?

A brain that shadow-boxes,
fish-eye that shivers,
bagel of fear,
bud in the gum.

What is his name?


What are his habits?

Marimba on stone.

Insomnia in hostas.

Who does he call?

Moths that lose lanterns.

A woman awake.

Who is his mother?


Who is his father?

The night watchman
with a hand in the pond.

What does he love?

The heart of a recluse.




Nancy Takacs lives in Utah and Wisconsin with her husband and two dogs. Her latest book is Blue Patina, published in 2015 by Blue Begonia Press.

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Photo of red-winged blackbird flock by Rusty Dodson, courtesy Shutterstock.

  1. Last week I read “Blue Patina”, a new amazing collection of poems by Nancy Takacs. Just now I read two poems from her next book, “The Worrier”: “Red-winged Blackbirds” and “Toad”. I am very impressed with how much sensual information and emotional impact Nancy can deliver with so few words. She paints with words like an oriental brush master.

  2. Whoa. Gorgeous. Deep pulling, heart tugging, startling. Nancy Takacs’ poems flew in straight through my computer screen and opened wide my soul. This is what Takacs poems tend to do, and yes, I, too, have been savoring BLUE PATINA, her most recent collection. Her poems feel crystal clear, but with resonances that shift shape when you try to hold onto them too tight. They are luminous and precise and deeply satisfying. Mm hmm. That hit the spot!

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