Antarctica | A Year in Photos

By Ben Adkison

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Antarctica is a land of raw beauty and harsh weather. During the Austral summer (October through February), the sun is above the horizon 24 hours a day. The penguins and seals take advantage of this sunshine to give birth, raise young, and fatten up for the long winter.

During the winter the sun is below the horizon for four months, leaving the moon, stars, and aurora australis as the only light in the sky. In a land where few ever venture there is endless beauty to experience and photograph.

Gallery | Antarctica: A Year in Photos
By Ben Adkison

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About Ben Adkison

Ben Adkison in Montana
Ben Adkison in the wilds of Montana.
Photo courtesy Ben Adkison.
Ben Adkison is a professional mountain guide and photographer. When he isn’t out traveling the world taking photos or climbing high mountains, Ben can usually be found backpacking, skiing, or at a local brewery in Missoula, Montana.

Ben picked up his first SLR camera years before taking his first (and only) photography class at 12 years of age. He has been hooked ever since.  His focus is creating unique landscape and wildlife photos.

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