Terrain.org recently received:

Unity College, Maine
Editor, Kathryn Miles

Hawk & Handsaw is a handsome new, full-color journal published once a year that offers “works of art from established and emerging writers dedicated to a specific facet of environmental sustainability. The plurality of voices within each issue reveals the range of perspectives and practices as well as the richness that a sustainable life affords.” Work includes nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and art.
From the editor:
“Like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the contributors to Hawk & Handsaw know which way the wind blows. They know that a sustainable lifestyle can be messy and meaningful, that it requires reflection, deep philosophical commitment and, more often than not, a good sense of humor. To this end, Hawk & Handsaw celebrates the thinking and reflection that ground sustainable practices and practitioners.”
The new issue, the journal’s second, is beautiful both in scope and production, and includes work by Scott Russell Sanders, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Kathryn Kiripatrick, Carolyln Kraus, Terrain.org editor Simmons B. Buntin, and many others. View the full table of contents here.
How do you get your hands on this issue? Order a copy or subscribe online. You’ll be delighted once you receive your copy, as we were when we received ours.
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