Spider, by Suzanne Stryk

One Poem by Dan Stryk

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When Spiders Come Inside

Strange how the rare moment of threat or ugliness
in nature is inevitably maninduced, and then, by
him, perceived…
  — Thoreau’s Journals

Such visionary dangling
      from its strand of
          pearl-bright filament
today in the sunlit
      woods: a tiny cruciform
          with glowing spots

 along deep sable fur
      forgiving all our
          lives, like Eden’s

proffered grace. The same
      black savage fur that
          scurried, humped

& stark (as I watched
      helpless from the tub
          today) over slick

tiles of our bathroom
               and vanished
        like an insult,

a Bosch demon, into damp
      cracks, peeling darkly,
          in our lower wall…




Dan Stryk’s seven collections of poems and prose parables include The Artist and the Crow (Purdue UP) and Solace of the Aging Mare (The Mid-America Press). Dimming Radiance (Wind Publications), a fusion of Far Eastern and Western concepts and writing forms, was published in fall 2008. Recent work appears in Poetry, Ploughshares, Antioch Review, Isotope, and Shenandoah. He is also a recipient of an NEA Poetry Fellowship.

Header image by Suzanne Stryk.

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