Terrain.org’s 21st issue has the theme of “Islands & Archipelagos,” and promises to be an interesting mix of literary and technical contributions, as we hope all issues are.

We are pleased to confirm that this issue’s interview will be with natural history author David Quammen, who most recent book is the biography The Reluctant Mr. Darwin. I (that is, editor Simmons Buntin) has been a fan of Quammen’s often eclectic but also essential writing since the mid-1980s, when Quammen wrote the award-winning “Natural Acts” column for Outside magazine.

The UnSprawl case study will be the new urban village of Loreto Bay in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Loreto Bay is not only unique because of its location on the Sea of Cortez, but because of its measures of sustainability which include water harvesting and desalinization, solar photovoltaic power utilization, and much more.

The ARTerrain gallery will feature the captivating water and island photography of Joel B. McEachern, who has published a brief photo-essay in Terrain.org once before.

We are still accepting submissions in the areas of poetry, essays, fiction, and articles. Submission deadline is December 1 for January 10, 2008, publication. Get more information at www.terrain.org/submit.

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