The Village Place Concept in Pinehurst, North Carolina

The objective of the Village Place Master Plan for the 35-acre Village Place concept in historic Pinehurst, North Carolina, is to formulate a creative, flexible document providing the foundation for innovative zoning to accommodate a variety of uses (including non-traditional residential development), and providing for more open space and parking. The goal was to articulate a vision that could lead to the creation of a walkable, livable, and economically functional neighborhood, reflecting the preferences and needs of residents, current property owners, and potential new investors.
Street view from front porch.

Willow Bend in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Unsprawl Case Study in Fayetteville, Arkansas, by Neil Heller Willow Bend is a new development planned for an ecologically rich, 7.6-acre infill site in the Walker Park neighborhood of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The project is envisioned as a replicable model of sustainable and attainable housing, and once completed will serve as a pilot project for future attainable housing in the region. The design was completed in 2011 and is awaiting submission to the city for review and approval, pending funding to move the project forward.

BioMap2 Conservation Road Map for Massachusetts

Unsprawl Case Study by Henry Woolsey, Andy Finton, James DeNormandie, and Sarah Haggerty BioMap2 is designed to guide strategic biodiversity conservation in Massachusetts over the next decade by focusing land protection and stewardship on the areas that are most critical for ensuring the long-term persistence of rare and other native species and their habitats, exemplary natural communities, and a diversity of ecosystems. BioMap2 is also designed to include the habitats and species of conservation concern identified in Massachusetts's State Wildlife Action Plan.
Downtown Silver Spring

Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland

By John Marcolin Re-envisioned, redeveloped Downtown Silver Spring lies at the heart of the Silver Spring central business district (CBD), an unincorporated, 250-acre transit-oriented urban area located just northeast of Washington, D.C., in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Serenbe in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

By Megan Kimble Be Serene—combine the two words and you get Serenbe, a 1,000-acre community that integrates the lush landscape of the Georgia countryside with a compact, environmentally-oriented mixed-use development of three hamlets: Selborne, Grange, and Mado.