Fall, or Falling

Fall, or Falling by Melissa Matthewson

To Know a Place : Nonfiction by Melissa Matthewson, with audio and gallery 4th Annual Nonfiction Contest Finalist, Judged by Kathryn Miles This used to be the place that settled into a deep silence with cows who quaked in the dead grass at the hush of snow, the world around them dormant, sleeping, at rest. Now, at the close of summer, my husband rejoices for this—for the trembling, for the snow. As a farmer, autumn brings a rush of joy, the hope of winter a consolation; he’s made it through the heave and draw of relentless work—the tractor turns quiet, the hum of summer finishes.
Seeing the Light

Seeing the Light by Paul Bogard

To Know a Place : Nonfiction by Paul Bogard : Photography by Jennifer M. Tremblay We use the term “light pollution” to cover the many different examples of society’s overuse and misuse of artificial light. Most of this light is electric, though increasingly it is electronic (think LEDs). Major elements include “sky glow,” the luminous veil of light hanging over every city of any size; “light trespass,” the light allowed to flood from one property to another—think of your neighbor’s light shining into your bedroom; and “glare,” light allowed to shine directly into your eyes.

Hawaiian Paradise Park: A Work in Progress by Britten Traughber

By Britten Traughber On the rainy eastern side of the Big Island of Hawai‘i, the cycles of destruction and regeneration in Hawaiian Paradise Park (what locals refer to as HPP) are impossible to ignore, almost like watching a time-lapse video on fast forward. Physically, economically, and culturally, the forces of change in such a raw environment always remind you: this land, the sacred ‘aina, will reclaim itself.