Not only was the first online journal to explore the nexus between the built and natural environments from both literary and technical perspectives — we published our first issue in 1998 — we also strive to be the most dynamic online literary journals. The awards and good words we receive tell us we’re moving in the right direction. We hope you agree — so let us know.


Awards and Honors

Dzanc Books Best of the Web 2010
“A Short History of Falling” by Pamela Uschuk
Poetry appearing in Issue No. 24.

Web del Sol Top 50 Literary Magazines and Metazines : March 2009
The criteria for judging are Non-Corporate, Brilliant + Dynamic Content, Long-Lasting, Cosmetically Efficient.

Dzanc Books Best of the Web 2009
“Catching Hell: The Joe Holt Integration Story” by Heather Killelea McEntarfer
Essay appearing in Issue No. 22.

Dzanc Books Best of the Web 2008
“The Split” by Kim Whitehead
Fiction appearing in Issue No. 20.

Top 100 Architecture Blog
for’s Blog
International Listings : October 2007

PLANetizen Top 50 Website 2003
“News/Publications” Category
PLANetizen – The Planning and Development Network : August 2003

PLANetizen Top 50 Website 2002
“Outside the Box” Category
PLANetizen – The Planning and Development Network : August 2002

Utne Reader Best of the Alternative Web
Utne Reader : January 2002

1999 Media Award for Sustainable Development
Wirth Chair in Environmental and Community Development Policy, University of Colorado at Denver
February 2000



Good Words

“We will let explain themselves: ‘It is not definitely about urban form, nor solely about natural landscapes. It is not precisely about human culture, nor necessarily about ecology. It is, rather, a celebration of the symbiosis between the built and natural environments where it exists, and an examination and discourse where it does not.’ Now, drop what you are doing and go there. We’re not kidding. Talk about class, soul, art, and variety! It’s a product of genius, truly.”
Portal Del Sol

“ is an excellent website! Keep up the great work.”
Laurie Lane-Zucker, Executive Director
The Orion Society

“A regular magazine full of detailed articles on New Urbanism, the environment, and planning. Well written and carefully edited, deserves a read.”
Congress for New Urbanism has rapidly become a magnet for first-rate scholarship with ambitions of reaching a wider readership. Ever the public intellectual, Lewis Mumford would have looked kindly at its appearance.”
Ernest Yanarella, Co-Director
Center for Sustainable Cities, University of Kentucky

“A first-rate Web publication. If it wasn’t virtual, I’d eat it for breakfast.”
James Howard Kunstler
Social/architectural critic and author of Geography of Nowhere and Home from Nowhere

“Symbiosis is one of those concepts we hear about often but ponder rarely. Fortunately, is dedicated to examining the idea in a context that should be of interest to a great many planners. is smartly designed and has wonderful breadth.”
Dean L. Pierce
PlannersWebPlanning Commissioners Journal

“From Belgian Beer to bungalows and power plants, this magazine will fascinate the professional as well as the every day kinda guy that drops in for a browse and a quick read. The poetry selections were stimulating and the presentation excellent. If you only have room for one quick zine visit tomorrow morning, make it You will be as surprised and as awed as I was.”
Heather O’Neil, Editor
Suite 101’s Poetry Magazine Review

“The newest online voice of quality for sustainable design…, is a quarterly that seems likely to position itself on the Internet somewhere near the high ground held by Terra Nova in the world of print. The writing is of prime quality, substantive, often with a light touch. The artwork and photographs are exceptional, evocative of mood and lingering in the memory. The layout is clean, with an open user-friendliness that invites one to pour a glass, lean back, put up your feet, and enjoy a good read.”
Jim Minter, Editor
e-design Online, Florida Sustainable Communities Center


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