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Bosque del Apache Cottonwood_1080Time, erosion, and texture are the essence of Luke Parsons’ work. His photographs create a window into the unobserved, timeless processes that surround us. While human artifacts fall to ruin, wind sculpts rock and blows clouds across an infinite sky. Geologic processes occur too slowly to observe in the rush of everyday life. Yet, the Earth gradually morphs beneath us.

Luke spent his childhood backpacking and hiking in the mountains and canyons of the American West. At the age of nine he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. In sixth grade he inherited his grandfather’s 35mm Canon FTb camera and began taking film-based photography classes. While shooting landscapes on trips with his high school’s outdoor program, he became fascinated with geology, and the textures and patterns of rocks began to appear in his work.

Luke Parsons Portrait1His interest in photographing geology-related subject matter continued to grow while attending geosciences and photography classes at Brown University. After graduation he taught earth and environmental science at a Boston high school. Recently Luke started graduate school in geosciences at the University of Arizona.

He spends his free time backpacking and climbing in the Southwest and continues photographing the changing American West. He also leads NOLS courses in Wyoming during the summer. Luke is currently working on a time-lapse series of eroding and dilapidated buildings in southern Arizona.


ARTerrain Gallery by Luke Parsons

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View more of Luke’s work at, on Fine Art America, and hanging in cafes and galleries in Tucson, Arizona.

Read about Luke Parsons’ work in the field with a blog entry by Craig Reinbold.

All images in this ARTerrain Gallery are copyright © by Luke Parsons. All rights reserved. No work may be used or reproduced without express written consent of the artist.

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